Finland - the Last Decade
Timo Valjakka

Russian Art as the Art of Re/creation
Ekaterina Andreeva

What has happened in Norway in the last 10 years?
Tone Hansen

Lithuania: Fragments of the Decade
Lolita Jablonskiene

Specific Aspects of Latvian Art in the 90s
Ieva Kalnina

Whipping on the Cart
Andriei Khlobystin

Raimundas Malasauskas

The Autonomy of Art Aesthetics and Anaesthetics
Cecilie Ostergaard Hogsbro

Art as Irritatement
Martin Conrads

The Baltic Glossary N.E.W.S. exhibition
Ojars Kalnins

On the Biographic Project
Kaspars Vanags

Jihad of the Beautiful
Alexander Kleinbart

Social and Personal
Elita Ansone

Helsinki Artist -in - Residence Programme HIAP
Irmeli Kokko

On Art, Politics and Institution through Alternative, Information and Censorship
Redas Dir¾ys


Magdalena Abakanowicz by Barbara Igielska
Arkadiusz Polewka by Magdalena Lewoc
Agata Zbylut by Magdalena Lewoc
Contemporary Art in Academic Museum Diana Barčevska

DESIRED COMMUNITY presents a series of seminars conducted during a one year period within the frame of the N.E.W.S. project ( an exhibition project run by MARE ARTICUM editorial board in 1999-2000 in Poland, Latvia, Sweden and Denmark).
DESIRED COMMUNITY contains texts and essays presented at the seminars Desired Community: Baltic Art in the 90s held in Visby, September 1999, Unknown Format, Szczecin October 1999, Baltic Glossary Riga May 2000 and Baltic Landscapes. Festival of Images Bornholm 2000.
Additionally the edition presents materials about places and institutions which contributed to the realisation of the N.E.W.S. project.



Virtual Spaces in Polish Art
Ryszard W. Kluszczyński

Changing spaces: new media/art in Estonian Culture
Katrin Kivimaa

A field report from the Norwegian artscape
Kristin Bergaust

Survey of net culture in St. Petersburg
Alla Mitofanova

Interactive Multimedia Art - Digital Media and Hypercomplexity in context of Danish art
Lars Qvortrup

Words - worlds - new media in Latvia
Mara Traumane

Cyber Sweden
William Easton

ArtGenda Helsinki 2000

William Easton
Ekaterina Andreeva
Lukasz Gorczyca
Jonas Valatkevicius
Magdalena Lewoc


Yvonne Goulbier/ Germany
Kunstpfade 'projekt Eins'/ Germany
Nawinki the international performance festival in Minsk/ Belarus
The Ruhrgebiet - a West German region and its changing structures
International art. workshops in Nida/ Lithuania

CYBERBALTIC investigates new media art. in the Baltic countries: net projects, video art and digitally generated and visually based works including those which interactively integrate vision and sound and exploit the new technical and cultural environments such as virtual reality, computer networks and Internet.
ARTGENDA Helsinki 2000 reflects on the last edition of the Baltic Biennial of Young Artists. The event initiated in 1996 was already presented in Copenhagen in 1996 and Stockholm in 1998.The Helsinki ARTGENDA was organised under the title ALIVE IN THE CITY and presented a series of projects that combined various disciplines of contemporary and urban arts.